Should employer pay for maid’s flight?

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Oct 29, 2020 · 8298 read

Should employer pay for maid’s flight?

A commonly asked question is, is employer supposed to pay for maid’s travel expenses during home leave? Here is some information that you might find useful on travel expenses incurred as part of home leave.

1. Going on home leave/ travelling back home between contract renewals

Maid can enjoy 15 days paid leave between contract renewal which also can consider as reward for completion for 2 year contract.

Employer needs to pay her 15 days’ salary and also her air tickets.

But if the employer wants the maid to stay and she agrees, or if the maid don’t want to go home and want to stay and work. Employer needs to pay her $300 extra for compensation of not going home. The $300 is about the fee of air tickets.

*During the 15 days, the maid can still get paid and employer can apply levy waiver, please refer to our next article.

2. Termination of services, repatriation

  • When the maid herself requires to go home or
  • The employer wants to send her maid home

Under above circumstances, the employer is required by law to bear the full costs of the repatriation of the maid back home.

The following regulations stipulate the circumstances under which the employment relationship between the employer and the maid ends:

There is a specific explanation in the part of when employment ends. Not only to cancel the pass, but also responsible for the return ticket and related costs.

3. Maid requests to go home under some emergency

i. The maid promises to come back

  • Ask the maid to pay for her own air tickets
  • Employer pays for maid’s air tickets, and acknowledge the risk that she might not come back 
  • Ask the maid to pay for her own tickets and employer will reimburse after she comes back. 

ii. The maid don’t want to come back, pls refer to 2. Termination of services, repatriation