How to prevent maids from overusing smartphones

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Oct 29, 2020 · 2523 read

How to prevent maids from overusing handphones

Have you ever meet such a situationYour maid who is supposed to look after your kids and elderly starts doing it in excess or spends too much time on Smart phone, so that her accusations were therefore ignored. That is a serious problemcause you don’t know what will happen during this time. Especially when it comes to looking after children.

Most of people nowadays rely on hand phone use seriously so are maids, that’s quite common. So we encourage employer to set rule for maid if employer has concern on maid’s phone overusing. 

Given here are certain tips that you can use to limit the usage of Smart mobiles by your maids.

1、Give them a set amount of time to use a handphone.

For example

  • only use handphone after daily work. She is free to use her phone when she is back to her room after she done all her work.
  • Everyday she can use her phone for some certain time, e.g. between 1pm-3pm when she finish her cleaning, and ready to prepare dinner
  • Respect your maid, we encourage your maid hold her phone by herself, and respect her privacy, don’t read her message or spy on her phone.

Smart phone is very important for her to contact her family. You'd better leave her alone for some time to contact her family. After all, this is probably the best way for her who is far away from hometown to avoid the feeling of loneliness.

2、Make priority schedule 

You should make a schedule for her that shows what the responsibilities will be and how long it will takes during her working hours(If you don't know how long each task will take, take a day to observe when at home).Making them do their homework etc. you need to set a time for that and ask her to notify you when a particular set of tasks gets completed. So that they will keep engrossed and would not be able to find time for the Smart Phones.

3、Give more freedom if you prefer hiring skilled maid

If your maid is very skilled and you think she is trustful, you can give her the right to use her phone with no restrains. Sometimes if you focus too much on the phone usage may scare away the experienced maid, but you can still ask her not to use her phone when she is doing something important like taking care of small baby.

4、If your maid needs to do some certain jobs, she needs handphone for emergency

If the maid is in charge of sending and fetching kids to school, we encourage employer  that the maid carries her phone so that if emergency happens she can call employer for help.

5、For employers who can only accept maids with no handphone

If you can only accept maid working without phone, pls give notice when you are doing the interview, not all maids can accept, especially those who are already skilled. 

6、Make use of surveillance video

If you can't completely trust your maid, you can watch surveillance videos to find out if she's overusing her smartphone, and if she's doing serious housework like baby care. Under such circumstance, she has right to know about the surveillance equipment. 

7、Set a good example yourself

If you want your maid take good care of your children or parents and don't overuse your phoneyou have to do it first. Let them know that an occasional WhatsApp or FB messenger is okay but the overindulgence in the social media will not be tolerated at any cost.

There is no harm in using a smartphone properly. But if your maid has therefore neglected to take care of your family and her job duties, that's a big problem. You should make her aware of why you hired her and it is her duty to finish the work first. 

If you want to find a good maid to avoid this happen or let someone help you deal with this situation, please contact us.