Can I find my next employer without going through my previous agency?

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Can I find my next employer without going through my previous agency

In most cases, you do not belong to any employment agency when your loan has been paid off.

However, in some cases, you still cannot go direct hire or looking for a new agency to transfer. you, the current employer and employment agency have a contractual relationship. When you and your current employer are about to end the employment relationship, whether you can find another agency to transfer depends on whether the following conditions are met.

 1. If you still have unsettled loan, the employer will send you back to your previous agency, in this way, the employment agency will refund the employer the outstanding loan. Under this circumstance, you cannot go another agency to looking for your next employer.

2. Some agency will provide no agency fee/ low agency fee within certain period for replacement if they want a new helper to replace from the agency, usually the period is within three month or one year. Under this circumstance, you may still be send back to agency even if you don’t have outstanding loan, and cannot go another agency to looking for your next employer.

3. Some employers don’t understand the transfer policy and just want to be safe, they will insist sending helper back to their previous agency to transfer. In this case, you can try to ask your employer to call MOM hotline to enquire. As long as you live in employer’s house instead of live in agency dormitory, still got chance to find a new agency to transfer or go direct hire.

 From the above three points, it can be seen that whether you can choose another agency or just go direct hire mostly depends on the employer. So maintain a good relationship with employer make it much easier to persuade your employer letting yourself to choose the right agency.

We provide 0 salary deduction for the transfer helper and we also provide direct hire. You can either find your own employer by yourself or by our agency, anyway, no salary deduction.

 4. If you come to Singapore by direct hire, your employer might discuss with you to share her/his cost hiring you, if u agree to share, you would still have loan. But what if you come to employer’s house and find you cannot get along? As both you and your employer don’t have agency to back up, and you still want to work in Singapore, in this case, you still can ask helper from us, we try to find new employer for you who can pay back your outstanding loan to your previous employer.

In many cases, you might not be send back to agency immediately, but worked at the employer’s house and went to the previous agency for interview on Sunday. In this case, after getting the release letter, you can also discuss that you need another release paper to another agency you prefer. The employer will agree if they are thoughtful and wish you to be good.

 In addition to providing face-to-face interviews, we also provide video interview with employers. And you can also go direct hire by our app and go employer’s house to interview.

Most of our helpers are confirmed by employers on weekdays instead of Sundays, so helpers can have enough time to find employers and choose the one that suits them.

Finally, regardless of whether you find an employer through which agency, I wish you all to find your favorite employer.

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