Can I take my helper with me when I am on my vacation
Oct 29, 2020

Can I take my helper with me while I am on vacation 

We received a lot of enquires from employers that they want an extra hand with the little ones when they are on their vacation. When it comes to most countries around Singapore, a helper need to secure the right visa. We now summary the guide getting travel visa for the helpers to the most popular vacation locations.

To Thailand

If helper’s nationality is Indonesia or Philippine, they can enter Thailand up to 30 days without visa.

To Bali

Indonesian helpers are free to travel there at any time. Meanwhile, Filipino helpers will be granted a 30-day short visit permit when they touch down at the airport.

To Malaysia

Indonesian helpers can enter up to 90 days visa free

Filipino helpers can enter up to 30 days visa free

To Hong Kong

Indonesian helpers can enter up to 30 days visa free

Filipino helpers can enter up to 14 days visa free

To Japan

You can download this Temporary Visit Visa form and Letter of Guarantee before heading to the Japanese Embassy. Youll also need to present a letter explaining why youre bringing a helper (e.g. taking care of the kids or the elderly). If issued successfully, the visa is valid up to three months.


Helpers can apply for a Domestic Workers in a Private Household visa up to three months before theyre set to travel, it allows your helper to stay in the UK with you for up to 6 months, or until you head back to Singapore. To be eligible for the visa, your helper needs to have worked with you for at least a year.

To Australia

Helpers can apply for a Temporary Work (Short Stay) visa if you can demonstrate that theyre helping with 1) looking after little ones aged 5 years or younger or 2)assisting an immediate family member who needs special care (medical records must be shown). Keep in mind that the Australia High Commission will question the helperspurpose for following thoroughly, and any form of work outside of whats stated in the form will be considered a breach, so its a good idea to agree on this beforehand. This visa lets them stay up to three months from the date its issued.


It is very difficult to get the visa for your helper but you can still try.

To apply, helpers will have to fill out a form online and submit a valid passport, employment contract, photo, receipt showing payment for the visa application, plus a copy of your own visa. Youll also need to declare that theyve worked for you for at least a year and that youve regularly hired domestic help for a good number of years. During the embassy interview, helpers will have to work hard to convince them that they wont stay longer than their visa dictates or vanish once on US soil. Once visa application approved, the helper can stay for up to 6 months.